RUTH ANSEL : Egg Tempera Painting
Coming NightBright/EarlyCaramelBrittle BlueEtched SkyKnot IIYellow SeasOpening to BlueCadmium RaptureCobalt SpinFloating Bodies IKnot IFloating Bodies IIFloating Bodies IIIDay Dance IDay Dance IIHot SeaCloud Spiral
Painting for me is sensation. It is visual. The eyes perceive the colors and tones. It is a felt experience. I can feel the thickness or thinness of the paint and the tug on the brush as the paint is released to the surface of the panel. I can hear the particles of pigment as I grind them into a paste on the palette and I can hear the almost imperceptible beat as the brush connects with the panel to deliver the load. The pigments have distinct odors. These sensations lead me to a state of meditation. The result of this process is a painting which, I hope, allows the receptive viewer to experience a similar state.